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Training of Trainers workbook

Course objectives

By the end of this course, you will have:

• learned the value of training and how it helps individuals and organisations

• found out about learning styles of individuals and various learning theories

• known how to design a training course

• learned the main do’s and don’ts of delivering a successful course

• practiced preparing and delivering short presentations on course

• received feedback and advice from the trainer and peers

• prepared an action plan for your continued improvement as a trainer

Here goes the detail:

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What Leaders do

What Leaders Do: Five things that can help you become a great business leader

Leaders do five things:

1. Leaders Achieve Business Results

2. Leaders Build and Sustain Systems

3. Leaders Create Leaders

4. Leaders Do [Wali’s] Four T’sTM

5. Leaders Take Care of Themselves

See attachment for details. 

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