Training of Trainers workbook

Course objectives

By the end of this course, you will have:

• learned the value of training and how it helps individuals and organisations

• found out about learning styles of individuals and various learning theories

• known how to design a training course

• learned the main do’s and don’ts of delivering a successful course

• practiced preparing and delivering short presentations on course

• received feedback and advice from the trainer and peers

• prepared an action plan for your continued improvement as a trainer

Here goes the detail:

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What Leaders do

What Leaders Do: Five things that can help you become a great business leader

Leaders do five things:

1. Leaders Achieve Business Results

2. Leaders Build and Sustain Systems

3. Leaders Create Leaders

4. Leaders Do [Wali’s] Four T’sTM

5. Leaders Take Care of Themselves

See attachment for details. 

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Value Based Trainers

Trainers are leaders. They have considerable influence and power on those who come to their training sessions. Will the trainers be effective when they teach one thing and do the opposite in real life? Even a bigger question is: why our trainings fail to achieve what they are intended to?

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Leadership tips for CEOs

If you are wondering what can make you a great, not just good, business leader, here are a few tips that can help you on your way. Your ‘arrival’ will depend on how ready you are. Remember what they say: when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. Or what they say about luck: Luck is being ready when the opportunity comes. So here we go.

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Great training in 10 days

About the e-book

Have you ever wondered why some training courses that you have been to are more effective than others? And why are some trainers able to connect with you more than others? It’s not coincidental; much of the success can be attributed to the preparation by the trainer in designing the course with attention to detail and his or her handling of individuals and groups during the course. Get the details below

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