AtoZ of Leadership Readiness

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AtoZ of Leadership Readiness


The booklets are finally here

Dear Friends,

After much ado, the two booklets e-books are now ready. This has been done with the efforts of the entire class of Leadership Readiness – MBA/MS, (Fall 2006), SZABIST, Karachi. And ofcourse the guidance of our course instructor Sir. Wali Zahid.

I would like to thank each and every member for their support throughout the process of working on these two e-books.

May ALLAH help us in our cause.

Recent Sessions

The recent class sessions brought yet another surprise for the class – well atleast for me it was. Wali saheb is also Hafiz-e-Quran. Come to think of it, one important thing that I have been noticing in his sessions is the way he is able to recall different scenarios and stuff.

It is not that I have noticed this fact for the first time. Infact a friend of mine, way back from the college time was also a Hafiz. He too had this way of remembering things and then recalling them precisely. I believe it is ALLAH SUBHANA TALLAH’s blessing to such people.

We have been asked to work on different booklets / e-books. One of them is “Anatomy of Leadership Readiness” and the 2nd one is “A-Z of Leadership Readiness”. As soon as both are ready, I’ll be posting there pdf links here.

Pollution and Hidden Rockets

Just a day before I saw an news article that Pakistan is among the countries that have very high levels of oil Pollution. Just another medal to the growing list of competencies! But there are number of other matters issues to be looked into before someone can come over and save us from inhaling it or saving the sea line from yet another oil spill.

Our leaders have to tackle much bigger issues like discussion and implementationo f Haqook-e-Niswan bill, the Balochistan issue, dealing with the Allaka Ghair jirgas’ and most recently finding rockets in the Capital’s gardens!. 

Where are we, as a nation headed? Just to kill or be killed? Does this add up in the list of things to become a developed nation? After all killings and extremism is found in the most developed and civilized nations of the world (