Next Secretary General

I was surprised to see the news at CNN or BBC it was that the person next in line for the Secretary General position is the South Korean FM (foreign minister not the finance minister). Though it could have been true in case of the Pakistani scenario 😉 The FM becoming the PM.

Coming back to the important matter of who will take the place of Kofi Annan. We heard news of Malaysian – Mahatir Muhammad as well. But the two people in race for the so called revered position in the United Nations – babling out only what Uncle Sam has to teach them; are South Korea FM – Ban Ki-Moon and Shashi Tharoor from India who is currently heading United Nations Under Secretary General for Communications and Public Information since 2001.

A little google on Tharoor found me this website

He seems to be quite a figure on the international scene. But the important fact here is that Tharoor, yesterday stepped down in favour of Ban Korean. Now this came as anothe surprise to me. According to sources US voted against Tharoor in a informal voting held recently. This was very much a green signal for the Indian to move out of the scene and not be publicly humiliated by the US Veto power on Oct 9 – the formal date for General Secretary poll.

As far as the candidature of South Korean diplomat is concerned, it might raise some eye-brows. With the imminent danger – atleast for the US and its allies – of North Koreans being the official Nuclear power, South Korean leader could well be the key to eliminate yet another state. Something doesnt blend here. Maybe I am being too skeptic about it. Lets see what comes up on Oct 9 and beyond.