Wali ZahidThis blog has been created to discuss “Leadership Readiness” – an MBA Elective course at SZABIST, Karachi. The course is being led by Mr. Wali Zahid – an international consultant, speaker, trainer and executive coach. He has spoken to audiences in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Western Europe, England and the United States.

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  1. AoA,

    I’ve recently attended a workshop (on Conflict Management at Karachi) conducted by Mr. Wali Zahid, and was browsing for his work. I don’t know whether this blog is administered by him or by someone else, but its really very effective approach.
    Reading between the lines, i found, some rational grounds. I’ll try to have future visits on the blog.


  2. Reading the hourly article, the idea of enabling societies hit my mind; this also relates to the project that we are working on. As people cannot be coerced, sweat talked, and compelled into changing mindsets, making adjustments to adapt to change is the biggest readiness challenge.

  3. The day US President Bush visited Pakistan reminded one of the British traders who came to South Asia. Their motive was to capture the region. In this era of technology, using trader’s tactics would have been catastrophic; by signing a nuclear pact with India Mr Bush has made an ally for the next cold war.

    Although I am neither anti-US nor anti-Musharraf like some of our citizens, the sudden shift in the balance of power in South Asia is not good for the world. The US must not forget that China is one of the countries that are not in favour of the war against Iraq, and unlike us they know how to make a statement.

    By giving India rights to nuclear technology, the US is making its footing in the region strong. But at the same time it is creating a rupture between Pakistan and India. No matter how many rounds of dialogue these two nations engage in, animosity still exists. It is evident by the increase in the defence budgets over the past few years by both India and Pakistan.

    As a citizen of Pakistan I strongly feel that the time has come for us to realize our strengths and weaknesses. We need to educate our people so that they can fight the global media war by voicing their concerns to the outside world through the media rather than by resorting to violence and destroying their own surroundings. We need to make our own decisions instead of acting on someone else’s whims.

    We need to be patient, positive, responsible and honest. And vitally we need to change with time. We need to grow as a nation that is responsible and responsive.

  4. http://www.dawn.com/2006/02/24/letted.htm#13
    MOBILE thefts, car snatching and robberies are nightmares that trouble the lives of many Karachiites. One mostly finds youth involved in such crimes. They indulge in crime because of lack of education, employment and easy availability of weapons. With law-enforcement agencies unable to cope with street crime, the youth find it easy to get away.

    By initiating developmental projects and engaging in creating opportunities the government can disengage youth from crime. More schools need to be opened and proper functioning ensured of all existing government schools. The government should also ensure that prison units become reformatories rather than punitive establishments.


  5. Readiness to get rid of depression


    By Omar Hafeez
    Time is ephemeral. Circumstances change with time. Hope is eternal. Tomorrow never dies. Depress souls wake up. Wake up before murk snuggles in your eyes. Wake up before
    catastrophe hits your life. Wake up before your soul perishes.
    Hysteria, state of melancholy. Depression is a chemistry of compounds composed of elements frustration, remorse and downfalls. These elements initiate a chain reaction; generating depression as its end product.
    Quite often we come across people gasping noxious drugs like heroin. Who are these people? They are the product of this chain reaction. Why are they inhaling a toxic? They were passing a sensible life like you and me. Perhaps one day they fell off skies or skies fell on them. One thing is certain, something hit their lives real bad. Then got so distressed that they could not search for better elucidation to their predicament.
    The phenomena of depression held hostage their mind and soul. They live in present but their thoughts and minds wander in past. Because they just want that instant to come back again with the intention that they can amend it. They discuss them on and off ,just to lessen their encumbrance.
    A software developer by profession, how can I explain this intricate phenomenon? Well my father fell a victim to this. Believe me the agony and pain which I and my family, went through his ailment period is absolutely agonizing. And I always prey that no body shall become its victim.
    My father served Army for 23 years. Regarded a resolute chap by his military buddies still he faced paramount resistance in overcoming this phenomenon.
    Depression is a phenomenon which encapsulates ones thinking and abilities. It makes one feel aloof. It creates an impression on ones mind that ones family and acquaintances abhor one. One begins to deem oneself a liability. Ones harangue and approach towards life becomes negative. It compels one to think that one has touched rock bottom.
    These depress souls wander in past because depression rusts their hope in their individuality and faith in God. It pushes them towards suicide because it extracts life from them. It makes them a living ghost.
    Like every disease has a cure. Similarly depression has a cure as well. Depress people go to psychiatrist.
    Though his cures work but a heavy responsibility lies on victim’s family. Effective coordination between a psychiatrist and victim’s family always yields positive results.
    A depression patient needs to be understood by ones family. No special treatment is required. Behave with one in a normal manner. Avoid talks that could possibly regenerate ones past. Make one realize the credentials and abilities. Always give a positive push. Encourage that nothing is impossible. Never let the victim to sit idly. Engage one in activities. Give examples of people around who Inspite of colossal losses are coping with life in a successful manner.
    By exercising all this you are strengthening will power, regenerating hope and bringing one back towards life. You are activating ones nerves and motivating and energizing ones self-belief.
    The victim’s family is the one who can normalize and reprogram the victim. Make one feel its you we need.

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    PS: this is not spam i visited your website personally to leave the message.

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